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Meet Rach, The Designer / Founder

Hey there, I’m Rach!

Many entrepreneurs & small businesses face the same problems when it comes to their creative. They’ve either quickly whipped up a logo themselves in an afternoon, or they’ve contacted a team in a third world country to do it on the cheap. Or what’s even worse, they’ve seen something their competitors are doing and thought ‘I want that too!’ and found someone to essentially recreate it. Now their branding and website is all over the place & they’ve changed their minds too many times on the look of their creative… and that so called ‘brand’ they thought they had ends up looking like a botched job in Microsoft Paint! Am I right?

Don’t worry all is not lost I promise. Let’s take a step back together─we will rediscover the magic of who you are, what your business goals may be and why you set out there to follow your dreams. We will then reposition your story, brand and website in one clear and concise look and feel so you can get back into the world and show everyone what you’re made of!

Meet Rach


We work with clients from all types of industries,
spanning across a variety of graphic design services
from branding, websites, digital and print solutions including event stationery.


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