Our Process

Through layering colour, pattern, typography, imagery and clever storytelling Potion Creative crafts brand identities that help establish deep emotional connections with audiences. Beyond what is seen we want them to feel, connect and believe in your brand. Everyone and every brand has a story to tell—we help you to share yours.


01 / Booking

Start by filling out our contact form here. This will give us a little bit of information about your business. We will then organise a call to discuss your branding goals to ensure we are the right fit for you. If everything is all good we will send through a contract and timeline. At this point we require an upfront payment of 50% to book in to our calendar. Potion Creative only takes on a select number of clients each month. This ensures we treat each project with the attention it deserves.

02 / Discovery

Discovery is just as it sounds. We will delve in and discover more about your business and branding goals. Our brand questionnaire will be sent through to you. We ask each client to fill in and much detail as possible, the more the better for us to understand your vision for the brand. We will organise a time to discuss the brief you submit either face-to-face, via phone or Google Hangouts.

If you are also partnering with us on your website we will send through a content brief. We can also chat with you about copywriting, photography or stock imagery depending on your desired look and budget.

03 / Direction

We review your brand brief and provide a detailed direction and moodboard. You will receive ideas on colour, typography, imagery, illustration and an overall brand vibe. This document really paves the way in which we want to take the brand during concepts. You will have opportunity to ask questions and make changes through this stage before we commence creations.

04 / Design

Once the direction is approved we begin design—this is where the magic starts! We start working on logo concepts. We will go through a process of elimination internally and refine before presenting. Depending on the scope, each design will be presented with a small rationale. We will package this all up in a PDF and send to you. At this point we also like to chat with our clients either face-to-face, via phone or Google Hangouts to give further clarity to what we have presented.

05 / Refine

During the refining stage we take all your feedback and make adjustments to the brand. Refinements on the logo as well as other remaining collateral can be made during this phase. We assign any Pantone colours and develop all graphical elements. Essentially this stage is here to tweak and finalise the entire branding suite. We allow 2 rounds of amendments during this phase to each creative element. This stage could go back and fourth a few times before finished art is created.

06 / Launch

Good news! You’re brand is ready to launch. We will package up your style guide (if part of your package), any relevant logos required and send this through to you via a Google Drive link. We can also recommend suppliers or facilitate organising any printing required for an additional management fee.